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[Image: Digger-2292.jpg]
DIG THIS is a ride which I just have experience before a month ago whole mine weekend vegas getaway package. That was first experience for me but must say that was outstanding for myself. Enjoying the moments in the price of 169$ was quite precious for me and would like to say that available this month as well. Going to share 6th September schedule here
September 6 Friday

hope you guys can make plan easily by this way.
Fairy Amy, I am going to say that your post is really useful for me. It is an admirable stuff from your side about DIG THIS Ride. I am an adventure lover and always like to try something new and exciting. This Ride impressed me and I am thinking to enjoy it on 6th September to have fun. Let me know Can I enjoy it with my friends? I mean how many persons can enjoy this ride at one time?

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