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Funny jokes
[Image: Funny-jokes-in-english.jpg?resize=665%2C374]
[Image: a304b999-dee8-4702-b3ba-95504d3ad59cte1.jpg]
[Image: 50418370_362014391249516_690859757442957312_n.jpg]
[Image: Dq9IoDjbQWux3g5fZQUVSNnIgIWac9vpXTV5UEk4...9IEujgPa4w]
I share here a few funny jokes here which will force you to laugh.

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Hahahaha....!!!!!!!!!! Rose, I must say this is really a wonderful sharing from your side here as it made me laugh loudly after so many days. I think spreading smiles on the faces is something really appericiative. Good work and keep sharing such kind of beautiful and enjoyable stuff here in the future too. I will love to read more jokes here.
I do agree with you and would like to say that are all seriously quite funny joles. A smile comes on my face after reading all and would like to say keep sharing like this more with all of us in the future as well.
Amy, You are right that ALl of these are really funny. To spread smiles of faces is osmething really good. Let me post a few clips here which I have received a few time ago and I hope you will like them. Here we go,
[Image: 104a44041a2460ea2f1f1ed69b227101.gif]
[Image: free-animated-gifs-of-kids-passed-out-fe...-train.gif]
[Image: 42186c23734edfe2b1594d680c1eeb5f.gif]
hahahaha!!! Quite funny clips you guys have shared here and would like to say that Thanks for sharing here. Anyhow, what kind of kids you guys normally like.

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