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Rose is here!
Hello, Rose is here between all of you from Hawaii. I recently join this community and happy to say that now I have made a member of this community. I am sure that I will spend a nice time here and make an active member of this board. Anyhow, the members of this would like to say welcome to me here?
Hello, Rose, It is really good to see that you are a newbie here. I am also a new member of this community. My name is Yamileth and I am going to say you a warm welcome on the board. I would like to read something about the culture and tradition of your hometown, Hawaii. What do you like to say about it here?
Once again welcome from my side to all the new members here. I am full of the hope spending time with the members of this board would be so lavish. Anyhow, let me tell you all recently I was at Hawaii and that was a great experience for me to have a lovely time period. I would like to say that all should be there and explore its beaches.
I am really glad after seeing your welcome posts here for me. I like your way of saying welcome and also know that the member of this community is active. By the way, Fairy Yamileth you said that you want to know about my hometown, so let me share with you, Hawaii is a wonderful destination to visit and it's famous among the travelers due to its beaches. In the summer season, it is a great spot to visit.
Fairy Rose, I am really glad to know that you liked the welcome posts and make such a cool response here. By the way, You are right about your hometown which is Hawaii. It is a beautiful state and best destination for the summer season to go ahead to enjoy lots of exciting activities to make your time seriously exciting. Its beaches and parks are best to try.
Yeah, you are right, Hawaii is the beautiful and best destination for exploring the beaches and parks there. Especially travelers love to explore beaches there which attract their attention towards them. By the way, would you like to tell me, have you ever explored my hometown personally in your traveling life?

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