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Strawberry Milk Hoodie
Check out this cute Strawberry Milk hoodie at Store Envy.  It's so cute. I immediately thought of you guys. It's based off of similar clothing by Japanese designer label Koko Kim.

Be careful to use the link I provide. The store is sketchy (like lingerie and stuff) but the product I've highlighted is super cute.

It's under a store by Dejavu Cat for $38.00 plus ship & handling.

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hey kitty1985!
Thanks for sharing! Its really a cool hoodie! i like the rose-colored one.
the price is even affordable, if you order it, maybe you do some review about quality?
I came over another cool stuff recently and will open another topic about it.

- blessings -
What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?

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