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My name is Shalvia! I am 23 (my birthday is Oct. 18) and use they/them pronouns. I have loved fairy kei fashion since high school. I love magical anime and manga, kawaii culture, Japanese street fashion, Japanese culture, fantasy novels, Bollywood, etc. I have a guinea pig son named Misaki and a guinea pig nephew named Reeses. I also have a birb nephew named Chubbles.
It's nice to meet everyone!

This is my face by the way!

[Image: tumblr_p5o48z4LIp1x5sv6oo1_540.jpg]
Blessings LittleFemme!

And welcome to fairy-kei! Your picture looks lovely, and its always a big pleasure to meet new fairies like you!
Despite there are not many fairy-kei fans, compared to other trends, we try to share knowledge and enrich our pastel world with ideas and support as much as we can. I hope you feel home here soon and will help to bring more life to this forum.
Don't hesitate to ask questions or start conversations about topics that are on your mind.
Where do you come from? I am from Germany, but for especially Americans there might be more opportunities and people around to share your fairy-love. I hope you share some of your beauty with us. Good you are here!

Welcome & Love

- Princess -

[Image: b99e31f05eb7be7474426a4cdde43c0b.jpg]
What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?
Hey!! Shalvia welcome to you here and must say you are looking pretty in the photo. I am quite sure will have an amazing time with you in the future.
Hello, Fairy LittleFemme! Welcome to this board from my side and also say that you looking nice in your share image. Hope so you will enjoy a good time here.

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