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Chocolate and Peaches palette ~
I love make-up products with really cute packaging ^^ One of them is I Heart Make-Up's series of chocolate palettes, they have 16 eyeshadows each and are packaged in the cutest chocolate bar shaped packaging ^^ 
I thought I'd give one of them a try and bought the Chocolate and Peaches one, as I needed some peachy eyeshadows. 
[Image: aePbcOJ.png]
An in-depth review with swatches is here;

What do you think? Not only is the packaging beautiful, but the shades are perfect for FK- they might not be pastel colours, but they're mostly warm shades- creams, browns, peaches... perfect for soft, and subtle make-up for Fairy Kei ^^ I use this palette quite a lot in my FK coords, paired with pastel hues. Heart
Heart The cuter the better! Heart


It’s super pretty and also the packaging rings a bell in my memory of one thing would do. The palette has sixteen eyeshadows  and an oversized mirror. There area unit 2 shadows that area unit double the scale of the others. Here area unit the swatches area unit an evidence of every individual shade!

Rich may be a bright brown,Peach may be a dandy pink with a small quantity of shimmers in it,Fine may be a matte brown,Luscious may be a slightly darker matte brown with heat undertones
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These are super cute! Love the shades in them!
I do agree with you kitty its quite cute and love to tell you that recently my friend gifted me a kit that is
[Image: toofaced_bonbons001.jpg]

I like this so much. What do you say about this?

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