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Introduce and discuss your Kawaii Blog!
Hi ^^
(Hopefully this is in the right place?)

Do you have a blog? Do you write about Fairy Kei and/or kawaii things? I love discovering new blogs and connecting with like-minded bloggers so feel free to share your blogs here!
(I'll share my blog too when I finish working on it ^^)

Also, feel free to discuss post ideas, tips, advice, etc.- anything related to blogging  Heart

And if you don't have a blog, feel free to share your favourite FK/Kawaii blogs ^^
Heart The cuter the better! Heart


hi mochi!

So cute idea!

The place is great, I just updated the headline, I hope you dont mind...

Well, I have a Kawaii "Blog" on Twitter. I do retweets there from kawaii and chibi stuff. Have some 4+k followers, its about a year old, or almost two. Has been offline for half a year since twitter cointiously closed it. But I discussed the with customer care, and they pleased me.
Its so cool to see all the kawaii stuff from around the world! All the different people, fantastic artists having cool ideas, cute kittens and friends of peace and yea... love!
The worst parts are / were:
1. Porn spam - a lot on twitter. I hate it.
2. Violence mangas and animes. (so many teenagers have serious mental health issues, mostly from the US)
3. Dealing with twitter customer care - it really needs effort to NOT getting a standardized answer.

I meet people there, stay tuned to cool cosplays, get personal conversations, and people even send me their picutres for me to publish its cool!

I read the analytics stuff each day and could improve, but Ive other hobbies as well, so I just keep it running smoothly and dont care too much about numbers right now.

Its: @anime_rts "mr. chibi" on twitter


What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?
Ooh, how fun! I think I might have heard of your Twitter, actually ^^ But I don't really use Twitter anymore, it's just not for me *^*
For me, I hate when DDLG accounts follow me. I have nothing against them, but I feel kinda weird when kink accounts follow me. I'm 15 TT^TT

My blog is up and running now ^^ ----->

It's about lolita and fairy kei fashion, as well as make-up, beauty, DIY, reviews, Japanese culture, sometimes recipes and the occasional life post Tongue
I am looking to interact with more like-minded bloggers so I'd love to hear about some more kawaii blogs ;D
Heart The cuter the better! Heart


You can find my art blog on Tumblr under Kitty1985
wow, you really do a lot of art! I like your style. Its kind of unique!
What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?

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