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Favourite fairy-kei make-up products~
I thought I'd include some of the make-up products I prefer to use when doing fairy kei make-up ^^ Feel free to include your favourites too! Big Grin

Essence All About Candies Palette
[Image: 2iky6qe.png]
It's like this palette was made for fairy kei! It has 6 cute pastel shades with a kinda satin finish and I use it quite a lot ^^

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream
[Image: L__039_Or_eacute_al_Paris_Nude_Magique_B...863690.png]
This BB cream adjusts to your skin tone and has SPF 20 as well as a nice smell and a lovely, lightweight coverage. 

Maybelline Color Sensational in 920-Rose Rush
[Image: 19b375f84d93f12a6c0e667628212a9e.jpg]
I love the light pink shade which is subtle and delicate, perfect for fairy kei! ^^

I'll close here for now, as I'm super tired ^^ But feel free to add your favourite FK make-up products!  Heart
Heart The cuter the better! Heart


Hey Mochi!

This is soooo cool! I didnt even know these existed. I am a bit scared of the nude stuff (omg, did  I just say this)
But it sound awesome and sunscreen can I use always as my nose is like magnetic to sunburn.

And I really want to try out the shades.

Where can I get this stuff?.. ordering on the web is sometimes soooo expensive....

Acutally for skincare I prefer natural stuff, that I mostly make by myself, but Ive quite good experiences with Garnier products, but the Garnier BB cream contains Aluminium, which is quite bad, as supposedly causes Alzheimer disease.....

Sadly the L'oreal BB nude magique cream contains paraben, which is a well known canditate to cause hormone problems, also methyparaben reacting with the UVB radiation from sunlight will harm the skin. Sad is, that paraben is only a conservative and is used because its so cheap.


Did you ever made cosmetics by yourself? Even lipstick can be done at home.

Thanks for sharing!

Give me a hint for your bliog and I will write a comment for you cute fairy <3


What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?
The eyeshadow are sadly not available anymore Sad I found them at a drugstore where the Essence counter has a little clearance section for unavailable products. It was a lucky find ^^ But Essence has an option of making your own palette and there are lots of pastel shades!
Ooh I had no idea the BB cream has parabens in it! It's so lovely too >< When I'm done with it I plan to replace it with a Korean BB cream. The packaging is cuuuute ^^
I haven't tried making cosmetics yeeeet, but it's definitely something I want to try. I love different cosmetics inspired by nature ^^
Heart The cuter the better! Heart


when looking for the eyeshadows on ebay I found the essence candy fingers nailpolish. I tried them and they are really nice too. Not too heavy but give the nails a light rose, pinkish shimmer.

What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?
Ooh, sounds lovely! I might give these a try ^^
I also love the I Heart Make-Up I Love Chocolate and Peaches palette. It has soft and neutral shades and brighter peachy shades, making it perfect for Fairy Kei and general kawaii makeup^^
Plus, the packaging is adorable! And the price is super affordable too- only £8.
Heart The cuter the better! Heart


well.... I feel 8 UKP is bit much?!
ok... I dont know what you pay otherwise... but that like 12 EUROS! O.O
What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?

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