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Heeellllloooooo Faaaaiirriieeeeesss!

I seek to provide you some basic infos about appropriate makeup. And as this has been done a lot by talented youtubers I will row some good examples up for you.

Please do not use any product mindlessly as it might be toxic. Try to avoid too much chemical stuff and prefer the natural cosmetics (which hasnt much to do with natural colors), I mean the stuff from rather natural ressources made. Remember that kissing tastes better without lipstick (for most guys I know) and with candy, chewing gum or similar awesome stuff.

Care for your body, its the only one you got!


Natural pale makeup (foundation)

cosplay foundation (white) (remember me to get this lipstick!)

Quite pretty white geisha makup (tradtional) Language: Jap0nese


Cosplay eyes (without any speech at all)

Big eyes (Ive no idea what shes talking about, but its cute!)

Pretty awesome pastel eye makeup (traditional makeup)

cool pink eye makeup (Ivent seen pastel here, so maybe you should be careful not to hit your eyes with that brush)


basic lipstick tutorial (very nice)

nice lips tutorial. a bit scary though (her mouth). but pretty!

ok, the music wants you to move to a country without internet, but these lips!

more to come! 
What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?
I've seen most of these, but the rainbow lips are adorable! I need to give these a try ^^
The geigi make-up is very well done! I picked up some pointers for my own maiko henshin c:
Heart The cuter the better! Heart



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