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Jrock - Kitty1985 - 10-01-2018

I wanted to post some videos for Jrock lovers. Most of them are female vocals but there will be one male vocal.

1. Mahatma-Romance
They have a great composer and can shred on the guitar.


2. Tears Of Tragedy-Spring Memory.
I'm addicted to this song.


3. Story Of Hope-Forever
Their like Tears Of Tragedy to me.

4. Lightbringer- Name is in Japanese! Sad
Her vocals are some of the best I've heard in Jrock honestly.

5. My First Story-Reviver
Finally male vocals! I like his compassionate spirit!

RE: Jrock - Rose - 09-04-2019

Fairy Kitty1985! Thanks for sharing these videos link here. I will watch it in my free time.

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