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crushed my mobil - Princess - 01-11-2018

yea as bad as the title said. I had a beautiful white samsung with a great japanes pastel case. After time the USB connector wore out and a lot of USB cables didnt fit anymore. I thought: well soldering, everybody can do it!

- I could not ! -

When I heatend up the USB unit to solder it off, the connectors of the board stayed on the unit and now my mainboard is crushed. No repair for ordinary people possible. A spare board is almost as expensive as a new used phone.

thus I ordered a used sony xperia z3+ and hope, to be with smartphone next monday again.

What smartphone are you using? Did you ever have to repair it? IF yes, how did it work out?

RE: crushed my mobil - Princess - 03-30-2018

The phone wasnt to repair, so with the sony xperia z3+ i am not satisfied really much. Also I have to replace the back-cover as the lenscover for the camera is scratched. For the old mobile I bought another damaged samsung sIII online at ebay to take the replacement part. Was about 20 Euros, so quite cheap. It worked well. Gladly I came out of this without too much costs!