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Full Version: crushed my mobil
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yea as bad as the title said. I had a beautiful white samsung with a great japanes pastel case. After time the USB connector wore out and a lot of USB cables didnt fit anymore. I thought: well soldering, everybody can do it!

- I could not ! -

When I heatend up the USB unit to solder it off, the connectors of the board stayed on the unit and now my mainboard is crushed. No repair for ordinary people possible. A spare board is almost as expensive as a new used phone.

thus I ordered a used sony xperia z3+ and hope, to be with smartphone next monday again.

What smartphone are you using? Did you ever have to repair it? IF yes, how did it work out?
The phone wasnt to repair, so with the sony xperia z3+ i am not satisfied really much. Also I have to replace the back-cover as the lenscover for the camera is scratched. For the old mobile I bought another damaged samsung sIII online at ebay to take the replacement part. Was about 20 Euros, so quite cheap. It worked well. Gladly I came out of this without too much costs!