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Full Version: Rules for thrifting - Must read!
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Hi fairies!

If you want to sell or trade somthing here, please follow these rules:

1. Dont post private information like your full name, adress, paypal, bank account details or even email openly.
2. Describe what you want or what you have. If you offer something, upload pictures of it and describe it as good as possible, including size, prize, shipping details and overall condition. If it has known errors, name them.
3. Interest can be shown by posting under the thread or by pm.
4. If the part is gone, sold, destroyed or whatever, edit the post as [SOLD] in the subjectline.
5. Of course its illegal to sell or trade illegal products.
6. Dirty stuff may not be traded. Sexual offers wont be tolerated, but the offender be banned without further warning.

(this list might be increased if neccessary, so please stay up to date)

Any threads or answers that wont meet these quality standards will be deleted. If its a minor problem the author will be reminded to comply with these rules or the mighty boss fairies will edit the threads by themself to prevent harm and losses.


Well I hate these rules, but its soooo important! I hope you understand and enjoy trading!

-love & magic-

Princess <3